Congressman Ron Wright (R-TX-6) voted no on the Fiscal Year 2020 Spending Packages, Tuesday.

“I just voted no on both spending packages,” Wright said in a statement. “When I ran for office, I promised my constituents that I would come to Washington to get government spending under control. A year later, I have no intention of breaking that promise.”

Lawmakers released the details of the 12 appropriations bills, split into two packages, on Nov. 16.

“Because Democrats are so focused on impeaching President Trump, they have failed to fund the government through regular order,” Wright continued. “Now, in the 11th hour, Speaker Pelosi is jamming a spending bill through the House that authorizes $1.4 trillion in federal spending while most of my colleagues have one foot in the TSA PreCheck Line to head home for the holidays. My colleagues and I were given this 2,000-page bill [Nov. 16] at 4:30 p.m., less than 24 hours before the scheduled vote, and in violation of House Rules. We see this lack of transparency from the Democrat Majority time and time again and it is no way to govern.”

The packages, however, were approved with bipartisan support and provide nearly $1.4 trillion in funding for federal departments. The agreement also includes measures to repeal Obamacare’s ‘Cadillac’ tax on high-cost health insurance benefits and raise the tobacco buying age to 21.

The spending legislation will keep the government running through Sept. 30, the end of the next fiscal year.

“This bill is full of outrageous spending that our nation cannot afford, and with our national debt increasing by more than $100,000,000 per hour, I could not in good conscience vote for this legislation,” the 6th District representative said.