The sudden shutdown of Celadon Group Inc. has left nearly 4000 workers unemployed, including those who were based at the Celadon Trucking Services terminal in Waxahachie.

Drivers were reportedly left stranded Dec. 9 after the Indianapolis-based truckload carrier canceled their gas cards and announced it had filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

A Good Samaritan and former Celadon trucker who worked for the company in the 1990s said he used his personal truck to transport at least three drivers in Waxahachie who were miles away from home to bus stops in Dallas.

“I was just lending assistance to the drivers that were given the boot by using my personal vehicle to take them from the yard to the bus station in downtown Dallas,” Bryan Bailey said. “So, yes, I was going out of my way to help these drivers get to the bus stop — and one driver to U-Haul so he can put all his stuff in the U-Haul and drive home. I like to help people when in need, and I am also a fellow truck driver.”

Celadon’s closure comes on the heels of fraud charges brought against former president and chief operating officer, William Meek, and former chief financial officer, Bobby Lee Peavler.

The company was ordered to pay $42.2 million to settle securities fraud allegations that stemmed from false reports of profits and assets.