A simple rule of debate is when you have them, pound the facts. When you don't, pound the table.

The impeachment of *President Donald Trump is about facts.

Did he have a call to Zelensky? Within that call, did he ask for a favor? Was that favor about seeking an investigation on Biden, an American citizen and his chief political opponent in the forthcoming presidential election? Did he order the withholding of military aid to the Ukraine, which was essential to both stopping Russian aggression and maintaining our national security?

Were these done for political purposes that would benefit *President Trump over the interests of the United States of America? Did he violate the Constitution by doing so?

In defense of *President Trump, many have tried to serve the stuffing as the main course. Fallacies such as trying to undo the election, a predetermined conspiracy to impeach for whatever by Democrats, an illegal coup d' etat, revenge for losing to *Trump and an all-time favorite, suggesting Russian influence in the election to be seen as a distraction in order to keep the Deep State hidden.

All of these are of Republican origins attributed to Democrats to distract instead of offering exculpatory evidence that would show the *president's innocence. Instead of talking about the turkey in the center of the table, they only offer spoonful after spoonful of instant side dishes to fill our plates with. All the while, pounding the table.

Further is the question: Was the *president's request unconstitutional?

Expert after expert, constitutional scholar after scholar have confirmed it was quid pro quo. Thus a reason for impeachment.

Add the administration's refusal to honor legal subpoenas as obstruction of justice, the innocence of our *president's supposed ignorance of the rule of law fades to a planned conspiracy of a blatant disregard of constitutional law and an exploitation of presidential power. All the while, disregarding the power of the other branches of government as equal voices of the people not dependent on his whim or for his welfare but as conduit to exercise their own as the Constitution provides for.

So I write this as not a NeverTrumper but as an AlwaysAmerican, that this impeachment is necessary to the Nation. To our continuance as a country of law, of where we the many have the power over the one who wishes for it for only himself to do as he pleases with it.  

And when the one assumes he has that power, it is within the right, yea, by the sacred duty of shared citizenship before duty to party, that the many remove the one to keep the Constitution and its implication intact. And they are just in doing so.

So on this anniversary of a day that will live in infamy, when we had to determine our survival and in doing so defined our identity by repelling foreign enemies at the gate, that those who swore to protect the constitution who died as a matter of duty to country and gave us this great land, it is now that we children of Camelot do so in kind, to remove one domestic, one who swore that same oath as a matter of selfish convenience as evidenced by refusing to adhere to its principles and word.

It is not a matter of perception but a matter of law. It is not a matter of political retribution but one of fulfilling the responsibility of office afforded by the people according to the Constitution. It is a matter of facts, not table pounding.

By not fulfilling the responsibility of his office as written in the Constitution, *President Donald Trump cannot blame anyone but himself for this impeachment. Will we be better because of it? I know so.

Keep America Great.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie