I think if you put Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter together, you would have the perfect holiday. These special days should compel us to think, be challenged and of course, be changed. Transformation is part of God's plan for our lives, and if we miss that we will miss a lot  

This fall (change of seasons) has been especially good to me and has been the catalyst for a heart of gratitude that I hope extends beyond the holiday season. Typically I grumble about the cooler weather, but this year, I've embraced it like a new friend. I have been a workaholic most of life. It might be age, but I hope it's Jesus that's giving me the ability to slow down and enjoy some things life has to offer — both the good and not so good. I'm just "seeing" things differently right now, for which I am extremely grateful.

I was praying in my office earlier today. Maybe it was more like confessing. If I'm in the business (Christianity), and I forget what the business is all about — how can I expect much more from others? What I'm saying is I think we often forget what it means to be a Christian. If Jesus said, His burden was light, why do I see so many Christians that are stressed out, worn out and burned out (Matthew 11:28-30).

The Blonde really is my best friend; I love her, and I love her a lot. She's smart, she's everything I'm not, and she loves Jesus. Jennifer wakes me up every day with a happy and cheerful, "Good morning!" She then kisses me and says, "I will meet you in the kitchen." When I get there she has brewed my favorite coffee (Cafe Du Monde) in our high dollar grind and brew Cuisinart coffee maker and she is ready to talk about the day and then pray with me.

What I'm saying is she represents Christ to me; the grace she extends to me is the grace of God. There is no reason for Jennifer to love me, the same with God. She has no reason to do for me, the same with God. There is no reason for her to treat me so well, the same with God. She likes me, and I can't do anything about it, the same with God.

A man about my age came and sat next to me at church the other day. He's not a regular, he's poor and he often only comes to the church when he needs something. He sat next to me and told me he was ready for Christmas. I asked him, "Why?" He replied he had written Santa to get him a new pair of overalls for Christmas. I kind of chuckled and asked him who he had sent the letter to … he looked at me like I was crazy then he shared, "Kris Kringle" and said something about "Haven't you ever watched the movie, 'Miracle on 34th Street?'" I realized he was not kidding around.

My point is the way the Blonde represents Christ to me through her expressions of love I want to be the same to others, including my sometimes poor friend who has worn-out overalls. I've not been Santa in long time, but it's time to dust off the sleigh and find out where they sell overalls. He told me to tell you that.