There is not one commodity anyone on earth could ever acquire that was not provided by God? No matter how much of a "self-made" person you think you are -- no matter what wealth or objects you sweated and toiled in order to accumulate -- none of it would ever be possible if it were not for the providing hand of God.  

It matters not if you are a genuine follower of Christ or if you absolutely refuse to believe that God the Father even exists -- like it or not, you are the recipient of that which God provided.  

The greatest example, and probably the most famous account of God's provision, is found in Genesis 22. God miraculously gave Abraham and Sarah a son, Isaac. Miraculous because Sarah was in her 90s when she became pregnant and Abraham was 100 -- yet God promised the couple that they would have descendants that numbered as the stars of the heavens, or the grains of sand on the beaches of all the oceans and seas of the earth. That became a reality because God is the great Provider.  

Then after God gave them this precious son, He told Abraham to take him up Mount Moriah, build an altar of wood, and offer his only son as a sacrifice -- a "burnt offering." So Abraham did as he was told -- built the altar.

Think of how heart is broken Abraham must have been when his son said, "I see the altar, but where is the lamb which shall be the burnt offering?"

I always imagined Abraham choking back tears as he replied, "My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering." Genesis 22:8.

He was willing to do whatever God said to do.

As Abraham raised the knife to slay his son on the altar, an angel appeared and said, "Don't kill him! You have just demonstrated the fact you fear God and did not withhold your son from him."  

A ram was caught, by its horns, in the bushes nearby and served as the sacrifice on the altar. Abraham named that place, Jehovah-jireh --"The Lord provides."

That same God who miraculously provided for Abraham that day is the God who can and will meet all your needs today. He is the great provider!