There is a dangerous mindset being modeled to the youth of America today by some political leaders that has been defined as "the swamp."

That principle is this: Good old fashioned work ethic means absolutely nothing. So-called government leaders are modeling the thought that no matter how qualified a worker is — no matter how much he or she works and sacrifices for the good of the firm — they could easily be fired, simply because the board just doesn't like them. Their hair is wrong, their speech is rough — and furthermore, their dedication threatens to disrupt the corporate leaders' gravy train.

People who lived through the Great Depression, Dust Bowl and World War II learned some hard lessons about life, about provisions — and about hard work. They learned early on that hard work was imperative if one was to survive and succeed in life. They sought to instill those solid principles into their offspring.

As a boy, every time I went to work, whether mowing yards, running a paper route or being a carpenter's helper, my Dad never forgot to tell me, "Son, make them a good hand." Our parents, for the most part, prodded, cajoled and encouraged their offspring to get out there and "get-her-done" — to have a good work ethic, TO AMOUNT TO SOMETHING.

So what kind of message are these political hacks in Washington sending out by seeking to undermine, fire and destroy a man whose work ethic is through the roof — who arises early, goes to bed late, travels thousands of miles to help serve turkey to troops in Afghanistan on Thanksgiving Day and passes more legislation which benefits American economy, security, and quality of life for more families than the past several presidents combined.  

Here is a man who, through his leadership, has seen a record stock market figure — has seen the gross domestic product, which has been at a stalemate for years, to begin soaring again. He has single-handedly brought unemployment among every ethnic group to the lowest level it has been in 50 years. Here is a man who could not possibly be in the office for financial gain since he donates his entire salary to different entities.

Here is a man who isn't concerned with ease and convenience in life since he has virtually been running the country with one hand tied behind his back by the radical left who are totally dedicated, 24/7, to his demise. And here is a man who is willing to take the onslaughts from hell — not only to himself, but to his family — in order to sacrifice for his country.  

So the radical left is sending the message out loud and clear, to young people across America: It matters not how well you perform, how much benefit you are to the organization, how resourceful you are and how tirelessly you work — we want you gone!

Not only that, we want our law enforcement gone, we want our borders gone, we want our military de-legitimized, we want our institutions of higher learning to stop teaching history and civics, we want the streets of once-great cities to be flooded with human waste, used needles and makeshift tents.

We want to squander hundreds of trillions of dollars on worthless, useless entities masquerading as help for the world, but in reality, money laundering instruments to move us from a government by the people, to a centralized machine that dictates to the masses what they shall eat, what they shall drive, what fuel they shall use, what religion they shall practice, what medical coverage they will have and what words they can use — and cannot use.  

Any corporation or company has to be filled with brain-dead corporate leaders who want the director, who has brought more revenue and success to the company than anyone else in history, the pink slip.  

It sends such a muddled, incoherent message to the youth of America today saying, "It doesn't matter how hard you work, how devoted you are to the firm — if we don't like you, we'll dispose of you."

Isn't America better than that? I think so.