1. I know that Payton Chapman has been an important part of what your defense has become over the past few weeks. Were you worried that stoppage in play that lasted so long would affect your team?

Sam — "No, I was worried about the health of Payton. That was my only concern — get him to the hospital."

2. Was it a tough decision for you to let Angel Aguliar take another shot from 40 yards as the first half ended?

Sam — "No, not at all. Angel has been very good all year and he just hurried his kick on that first try."

3. When you have to make a decision like that, who do you listen to, your gut feeling, the player or other coaches?

Sam — "I simply ask our special teams coach, Joe Kostiha — ‘Does he have it?’ "

4. This week your team will be playing the New England Patriots of Texas Football. Do you have any little tricks up your sleeve to make sure that their ship does not come in next week?

Sam — "You don't trick good teams — you go do what you do best and do it better than you have ever done it. We tell the players ‘your best is good enough!’ "

5. I saw you talking with Jerry Jones before the game, are you going to be the next coach for the Cowboys?

Sam — "No, but I was telling him who he should hire."