“Bye-Bye, Fatty Patty.”

That’s the bold title of an autobiography by Daily Light freelance writer Patty Hullett.

Hullett’s deeply personal and honest account of her lifelong weight struggles, documented in the 172-page book, recently earned her a Henri Award nomination in the Testimonial category.

“It is such an honor just to be nominated,” Hullett expressed. “This is my first real attempt as an author, and I am enjoying the ride so much.”

Published by Xlibris US in 2018, the book takes the reader on a riveting journey through Hullett’s life as a morbidly obese child and adult, the tragedies and triumphs she experienced along the way and her unwavering faith in God.

Hullett writes about her failure at every diet known to man.

“I spent over 50 years fighting the battle of the bulge,” she admitted. “My highest weight was 350 pounds.”

The publication’s title serves as a metaphor for her weight loss journey as she confronts the hurtful nickname that once weighed down her self-esteem and sheds the shame that came along with it.

“I've been called ‘Fatty Patty’ since the first grade,” Hullett shared. “I weighed a staggering 94 pounds as I started school. The ‘bye-bye’ occurred in 2011 when I had to undergo a double-surgery to remove a stomach ulcer the size of a baseball. Fifteen months later, I had lost 155 pounds, and it has changed my life.”

Having kept the weight off for over eight years, Hullet is sharing her story of triumph, looking at “Fatty Patty” in the rearview mirror and saying “Bye-bye.”

“No more heel spurs. I can easily walk up and downstairs. No more using the Walmart scooter. No extender belts to fit in an airplane seat, and my grandkids can put their arms around me now, and we can rock together in the same chair,” Hullett rejoiced.


"Bye-Bye, Fatty Patty: Either Way....... I'm Okay!" can be purchased at Barnes and Noble or online at xlibris.com, walmart.com and amazon.com. Check out Hullett's Facebook page "Bye-Bye, Fatty Patty" to learn more.

The Henri Award is awarded to faith-based writers at the annual Christian Literary Awards ceremony. It takes place this year on Dec. 7 in Arlington.