Maypearl High School is set to take its cutting-edge agricultural science program to the next level with the addition of a greenhouse.

The Maypearl Education Foundation gifted the school with a $3,358.95 grant for the purchase of the climate-regulated plant-growing structure on Nov. 6.

John Burgess, an agricultural science teacher, said the equipment would allow students to grow fruits and vegetables year-round while learning about how different plants grow.

“The greenhouse will allow us to take theories that are being presented in the classroom and allow the students to try their hands at raising plants,” Burgess explained. “The goal is that we will be able to produce vegetables and fruits that can be used in our cafeteria.”

The foundation also awarded $1,116.99 to Maypearl Primary School for the purchase of a die-cut machine.

“So excited,” Maypearl Primary School Secretary Becca Harrison Dycus posted on Facebook. “Thank you so much, Maypearl Education Foundation!!!”

The Maypearl Education Foundation serves “to promote a philanthropic spirit throughout the Maypearl community, to raise funds to provide scholarships for students and grants for teachers in the Maypearl ISD,” according to the non-profit’s mission statement.

District Superintendent Ritchie Bowling applauded the efforts of the foundation and its dedication to the district.

“The Maypearl Education Foundation is made up of local individuals in the community and business world that are dedicated to our children,” Bowling expressed. “The grants will support the outstanding things that happen every day in the classrooms of Maypearl ISD. In addition to these fall grants, more grants will be given in the spring, and the foundation supports several memorial scholarships for our graduating seniors each year."

The nonprofit has reportedly awarded $78,883 in scholarships and grants to date since its inception in 2007.

"I applaud the work of our foundation and their continued work to make a difference in the lives of our kids," Bowling added. "It is a great day to be in Maypearl.”