1. With district in hand, are you going to take the Greenville game to get some more folks healthy or will it be business as usual?

We will be business as usual — we may have to sit out a few guys because of injury.

2. I personally do not think that the final score from Corsicana was a true reflection of the game. The defense gave up 1 drive (Corsicana's initial drive of the game) and then shut them down. The defense continues to get better, are you worried about them peaking too early?

No we want to get better each week and that’s what they have been doing — don’t think we have gotten close to our peak yet.

3. Do you have any idea as of yet, what district y'all will be playing in the first round? Is there any chance that it would be Frisco Reedy? Might get a chance for some payback!

There’s a good chance it will be Reedy and mild chance it will be Denison and a lower but possible chance it could be two other teams. We don’t care which one it is — we are glad we have them at home — they are all very good teams and we will have to play good playoff football to advance.

4. I have wanted to get your feelings on if Collin Drake might remind you of anybody that has played for you before. I saw it during the scrimmage against Legacy.

Collin is a good QB and even better young man — good to have him leading our team.

5. Greenville seems to have had a turn around season after last year. What do they do differently or is it the same scheme and just executed better?

Greenville is probably the most athletic team in the district — very talented at skill positions and they play sound football — so that makes for a great football game.