Yes, the word is used in holy scripture.

Once there was a man named Baalam, who received a word from the Lord through his own beast of burden. Squeaky-clean, holier-than-thou people today have cleaned it up and call the animal a donkey. But the King James Version of the Bible calls the beast an ass. Since 99 percent of all Americans can identify with that three-letter word, that's the word we will go with in this article.

So the story goes in Numbers 22, the Israelites, God's chosen people, were camping on the Plains of Moab near Jericho, the place God had given them. But the Moabites didn't want them to be there. Their leader, Balak, sent a delegation to a man named Baalam. We don't know much about Baalam — only that he appeared to be a non-Jew, and the son of Beor, from the banks of the Euphrates River.  

The Moabites, who were terrified by the presence of the Israelites being near them, considered Baalam to be some sort of holy man who was capable of curses. So they asked him to go with them and place a curse on Israel. God did not want Baalam to do this, but since Baalam was determined to go with the Moabites, God told him to go ahead but instructed him not to say anything except what He (God) told him to say.

As the party was headed that way, God placed an angel wielding a sword in the middle of the road to block them.   

Here's where the ass (Baalam's ride) comes in. No one saw this angel — this representative of God — except for the ass. When the animal refused to go any farther, Baalam started to beat the poor little ass unmercifully (I don't know the significance of this, but verse 28 says the ass was a female).

The angel said, "Why did you beat your ass three times? If she had not turned away, I would have killed you by this time."

Now, here's the point: Baalam refused to see that a sovereign, all-powerful God is able to speak through anything or anyone. And the ass was the only one in the crowd that had spiritual perception.

In hopes Mr. Trump will forgive the metaphor, let me say that I am amused that well-meaning, so-called Christian people and some dyed-in-the-wool Republicans of our land, deny that God is sovereign enough to speak through a political novice. They think God cannot use a president whom they deem to be short on "statesmanship" (whatever that is). They cannot believe a president who may have some sort of checkered past, but nonetheless has obviously been granted perception from God Almighty, is able to be used of God to steer our wavering, sinful nation back on course to righteous principles.

God is able to speak through anything — or anybody. He can speak through an uneducated, sometimes uncouth preacher; He can speak through a burning bush; He spoke through a little teenage girl named Esther; he spoke through the impetuous and sometimes faithless Apostle Peter. And guess what? He is well able to speak through the mouth of an ass.  

Make no mistake — God is absolutely able to take a man, whose language may shock the modesty of the holier-than-thou, whose past may be placed on trial, and who seems, in the minds of many, to be unqualified and use him effectively. These are the types of people from whom God receives glory. God doesn't seem to get glory from the genius, the professional, the educated and the polished. They tend to want the glory themselves.

I have been told, "You can't be a man of God and vote for Trump!" And I say to them, if you don't believe God is sovereign enough to lead our nation through a novice with a somewhat checkered past, then it may be you are a little short on godliness.

If God can speak through an ass, He can use anybody!