The newly opened amusement arcade in downtown Waxahachie – The Arcade – is gearing up to host its first Halloween party on Halloween night.

The “Stranger Things Party” draws its name and theme from the science fiction horror series Stranger Things, set in the 1980s. Guests are invited to dress up as their favorite characters from the Netflix show or from the 1980s, and they should dress to impress because there will be a costume competition.

Business co-owner Alyssa Westlake is anticipating the community’s response to the event, which is for adults only after 8 p.m. and BYOB-friendly. BYOB is an abbreviation for the phrase “Bring your own bottle/beverage/booze/beer.”

“We are excited to kick it off and continue growing in our vision and our dream for this place,” Westlake said.

The Arcade opened on Oct. 12 in the basement of the Rogers Hotel on 100 N. College St. Since then, the game showroom has hosted birthday parties and has become a hangout spot for arcade game enthusiasts.

“We have a lot of people who just want to come see it, and they’ve heard the buzz about it and want to see it for themselves,” Westlake acknowledged. “The word is getting out, and it’s exciting for us to hear. We’ve had several people sign up for memberships which is exciting, and then lots of people are really excited to have a place to do something, whether it’s young adults or a young family or grandparents with kids."

Admission to the Halloween party on Oct. 31 is $12.95 per person and free for members. You must be 21 and older to enter.

Email or check out The Arcade on Facebook for more information.