1. The 52-0 victory this past Friday night against Forney might have been the first game this season where you completely dominated both sides of the ball, would you agree with that?

Yes, definitely our best complete game.

2. The Lions have their "Bye Week" this week. Do you look at it as a chance for the kids to get healthy from the bumps and bruises that they have accumulated so far this season and rest up to get ready for the remainder of the schedule and the playoffs? Or, could this not have come at a worse time and be considered momentum killer?

It came at a great time - we have been grinding for 8 weeks in a row so we will pull back a little and get some guys healthy so we can go into this playoff stretch feeling rested and ready.

3. Devion Beasley looks like he has been playing the defensive secondary his whole life, has he had previous time there before this season?

Yes - he’s always been a defensive guy - we have just needed to use him on the offensive side too because of injuries.

4. Staying on the defensive side of the ball, it appears that Ashton McGraw and Deryous Stokes just keep getting better and better. Teams will need to account for both of them and that will leave Dane Verner free to seek and destroy. Could this be the best defense that you have had at Ennis?

It’s a good defense and hopefully we will get even better if we get Payton Chapman back.

5. Corsicana is coming up in 2 weeks, I know that the past couple of games that they have been scouting y'all. And against Forney they had 5 scouts in attendance. I know that the Lions have had at least 2 other statement games this season, North Forney and Royse City. Something tells me that no matter how many scouts that teams may send, that you still have schemes and plays that nobody has seen. Or will it just be "Here is what we do and it is up to you to stop it?"

We will begin looking at Corsicana this week - we don’t look ahead or scheme ahead.

Like Mr. T says: " I pity the fool that steps in front of that train! He probably did not say that, but he should have.