First of all, congratulations on your 200th victory.

1. Each week it seems like someone new always steps up and delivers whatever is needed, offensively or defensively, that is needed to ensure a win. This past week it was Devion Beasley on defense and Jarius Jones on offense. Was this part of your game plan from the start or did you make the changes for just the Sulphur Springs game?

Because of injuries we had to shuffle a few positions and both of those young men really stepped up.

2. Speaking of the defense, it used to be said that defense wins games, especially in the playoffs. Judging by the past few years, it seems like the better offensive teams are the ones that go farther in the playoffs. What do you think ?

I still think defense is the key in most games.

3. I love watching how your team, on both sides of the ball and the way that they impose their will on the other teams. The way that they swarm when tackling and now how they can recover from penalties that would kill another team. Do you feel the same way?

Our kids play with great effort - they know that is so important - so that effort makes good things happen.

4. Homecoming this Friday against Forney, what can we expect from the Jackrabbits?

They are better than their record shows so we need to play well for the homecoming crowd.