As we enter into the election season, we must get past the crowded shallows to get to the deeper waters. We cannot understand the full concept or fully appreciate where we are or what we have completely until we explore all aspects of being here to cast an informed vote to move forward.

And in finding out just what it takes to do so, it requires us to sometimes hold our breaths and to go below the surface into unfamiliar depths of understanding. By doing so, we discover things we did not know that coexist with us, not any less or more important, that help form a better city.

But more importantly, we discover things about ourselves to move beyond the familiar and the assumed to contribute in a more effective and gracious manner. For that is the difference between a calm and effective community and one in constant turmoil.  

We have many that will stay in the shallows, afraid to leave firm footing, that will proclaim what is best for all of us. They will pick up the easily obtainable stones and cast them at others they feel are trying to dislodge them from their perceived rightful place and understanding who will in return pick them up and throw them back —neither ever moving beyond their comfortable depth. And they will seek our approvals for doing so.

Yet, still we have, and will have, others who know of the depths beyond and realize that the waters that surround us have more to offer than just stones. That the retrieval of stones to build a personal platform is not the purpose of a body of water. Or of those that swim in it at the behest of the rest of us. That the stones, albeit part of the water, will never support themselves to stay on the surface but will sink again to their rightful place. And those grasping them will also. And we all deserve the transparency of keeping things on the surface free of individual wants to make way for collective benefit.

We in Waxahachie will soon see the ramp-up to the election of our city council. We will see many claims and counterclaims as to what is right for us and just what is wrong with the way things are. And who is to blame for the latter and just who will claim to be the people's savior.

And that is what is really the oxymoron. For the people are the city council who already speak for the people. If you look in the water, you will see everyone is already wet, including the council.

We will hear of claims of being for this or that. Some solidly within the abilty of the council to enact, others cheaply pulling on emotions or allegiances to issues beyond the council's concerns.

You know. More stones.

We each will gravitate to the depth we feel comfortable in and have the ability to tread with our support or direct participation. For to favor the shallows in favor of the deep, or vice versa, is to dismiss anyone's right to find and use their voice among others.

Same as with one's thinking as to what is best for Waxahachie. But the thing that is of most importance is that anyone has the freedom to enter the water. That, in my observation most of those throwing stones are standing on the bank. And those in the shallows choose to stay there.

Our city council is to represent all of us. Not just this depth or that. We have so much essential work that needs to be done; it will take all of us. And it will take an effort that requires potential candidates to take off the cheap floaties. And to let the stones stay where they are.

For that will allow us to see just who can handle the depth of the water. Candidate and voter alike.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie