Bicycles, gift cards and a laptop – items up for grabs by students at the Red Oak Independent School District who are punctual every day.

The district’s iCount Campaign is back for another year with incentives to encourage “students to be at school every day, be on time every day and stay all day.”

Each elementary school will give away two bicycles every six weeks or at the end of each grading period. High school students will compete for gift cards. Students can enter a draw to win the prizes if they are consistently on time and present throughout a grading period.

A big draw at the end of the school year allows students to compete for a Chromebook.

“We love to see our students every day. Of course, emergencies happen, and please don't send your child if they have a fever or other illness symptoms,” the district warned parents. “Students must be fever-free without medicine for 24 hours before they can return to school.”

The Waxahachie Independent School District is also enticing students with gifts if they can maintain perfect attendance. This year’s #StrivetoDrive campaign is giving away a brand new 2019 Ford Focus valued at over $25,000 to a lucky high school student.

“Students have the opportunity to earn one entry to win a car for every month they have perfect attendance,” District Public Relations Director Jenny Bridges explained. “They can earn an additional entry for perfect attendance for an entire semester.”

A student may earn up to 10 tickets for the school year which are all entered into the draw to increase his or her chances of winning.

For each student absence per day, a Texas school district misses out on approximately $33 in state funding.

A 2012 study by E3 Alliance, republished in the 2015 research paper “Why Do Students Miss School? The Central Texas Absence Reasons Study,” concluded that Central Texas school districts lose millions of dollars annually because of student absences.

The study found that “Central Texas students were absent 2.4 million days per year,” and on average, “students have significantly more absences in high school than elementary or middle school, Central Texas low-income students were more likely to be absent than in any other urban area of the state.”

Studies also show that absenteeism affects a student’s performance. Those who are consistently punctual and present tend to perform better than their tardy and truant peers.