After completing a voluntary 64-classroom-credit commissioner’s court education program, two Ellis County commissioners were recognized at the 97th Annual County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas Conference in Galveston, Thursday.

Pct. 2 Commissioner Lane Grayson and Pct. 1 Commissioner Randy Stinson received certificates, along with other county commissioners.

“It is very exciting to have completed the advanced curriculum certificate…,” Grayson said. “The primary goal of this training is to help us perform the duties of our office effectively and efficiently for the benefit of the citizens we represent. I am very thankful that our commissioners court encourages and provides the resources necessary for your officeholders to be a part of these great events.”

Grayson has been in office for five years and Stinson has served since January 2017.

Ellis County Judge Todd Little and Pct. 4 Commissioner Kyle Butler attended the conference to celebrate with the newly certified commissioners.

The Commissioners Court Advanced Curriculum is divided into four phases over four days.

The program “provides an in-depth, thorough learning experience for Texas commissioners court members to enable them to excel in their duties,” according to the organization. “Court members gaining certification through the voluntary program demonstrate their commitment to quality in their service to the public and their ability to master the complex issues of local governance in these challenging times.”

Ellis County has four elected commissioners who represent one of four precincts. Along with the county judge, they serve on the Commissioners' Court.

The County Judges and Commissioners Association of Texas promotes “the interests of county government through continuing education and active participation in governmental affairs,” according to the association. “With 254 counties in Texas, there are 1,270 active members of the Association – four county commissioners and one county judge from each county.”