The jury that found Amber Guyger guilty of murder is the same one that sentenced her to 10 years in prison. Our opinions on whether we as a society realized our percieved pound of flesh doesn't really matter. Her being forgiven by the Jean family does.

Many are asking if the impeachment inquiry is needed. Many Congress members are saying no. Fake news, they say. The White House is saying it's a conspiracy, that we should ignore the laws to prove it so. Richard Nixon's White House said the same thing.

It seems that any criticism of our *President is seen as an attempt at character assassination. I offer that any character assassination is not needed as we are witnessing a slow character suicide. A growing majority of good, moral, patriotic American citizens are just refusing to participate in some sort of a political Jonestown.

It seems funny those promoting America first are okay with the seeking of help from foreign governments to make that happen.

Locally, those who offer their pious sermons from a public pulpit should spend more time in the congregation listening. Maybe we all should.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie