Waxahachie native and State Rep. John Wray (R-Waxahachie) presented a symbolic gift to Advantage Academy on a Constitution Day visit to the school.

School officials accepted an American flag that has flown over Texas State Capitol in Austin.

“We are truly grateful for Rep. Wray visiting and speaking at our charter school here in Waxahachie and for the gift of the American flag,” said District Spokesperson Sherri Busalacchi in a press release. “It is always a pleasure to have one of our government officials provide some of their valuable time to speak to our students. It was a real treat.”

Wray, 48, had the job of keeping third to eighth graders engaged in the school’s gym while he delivered an elementary/middle school-level crash course on the history of the Constitution – the supreme law of the U.S.

“Did the Constitution just kinda happen overnight? Does anyone think it did?” asked the politician and lawyer quizzically.

“No,” echoed the bright students as they boasted their knowledge of the fundamental law.

“It took a while so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about the backstory, about why the Constitution was necessary,” Wray answered.

The state representative’s quiz was no match for the pint-sized future lawmakers, who eagerly raised their hands with confidence.

He asked which country was the 13 original states a part of before the American Revolution.

“Great Britain,” answered one girl who received applause from her peers.

Wray also asked what happened on July 4, 1776.

Without missing a beat, the students answered at full throttle that the Declaration of Independence was signed.

“I’m glad that you, your teachers and your school are interested in knowing about the Constitution because it’s a very, very important document,” said Wray in closing.

On his turn in the hot seat, the visitor was asked by the inquisitive bunch about his job and how they too can follow into his footsteps and pursue studies in law.

Wray’s visit on Sept. 17 was part of the school’s Constitution Week celebrations.

“It is important for our students to know about America’s history and our founding principles,” said School Superintendent Angela McDonald in the release. “It was a privilege to have Rep. Wray speak to our school on Constitution Day. He is a great role model of character and leadership for our students.”