In your humble opinion, who would you consider to be the most dangerous person in the world?   
In fact, what would be the characteristics of a person that you absolutely would not want to trifle with?  How about a World Wrestling Federation champion?  Perhaps seven-feet-four-inch Andre the Giant?  Perhaps the 16-foot-tall Nephilim that walked the earth ages ago (Genesis 6)?  The most dangerous man in the world might be a sharpshooter — a professional assassin.  
Let me give you some of the traits of the most dangerous person in the world.  He is a person who can tap a giant whale on the shoulder and send him to provide coach service to a rebellious Jonah. He is a person who can walk through the hottest furnace in the world with three Hebrew children and come out absolutely unscathed. He is the person who is sleeping down in the hull of a ship, wakes up to a raging storm, and simply says, "Be still," and the storm obeys Him.  
He is the person who can raise waters of a sea and cause them to stand erect, while breathing on the bed of the sea, making it dry so a rebellious, complaining bunch of Israelites can escape Pharaoh's army.  Oh, by the way, that same dangerous person can just let those waters drop back into place, wiping out all of Pharaoh's army.  
He's the person who can take a small teenage boy, and cause him to take out a nine-foot-nine-inch Philistine warrior with just a little stone.
He is dangerous and powerful  enough to excommunicate the devil and one-third of the angels of Heaven, at will.  
He needs no brass knuckles — no AK-47, no bazooka, no nuclear warhead — and no fleet of F-16 fighter jets.  One day He will vaporize an evil man known as the antichrist — with just simply a word from his mouth.  
I don't know about you, but that's the kind of person I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley. But since I know this person personally, and have the assurance that He loves me and delights in blessing and guiding me, I fear Him, not in fear of what He might do to me, but I fear Him by way of holding Him in absolute reverential awe.  
This world's most dangerous person, is powerful enough to leave Heaven and go through the birth and growth process of any other human being — except the fact He is the Savior of the world, willfully permitted Himself to experience death — the most horrendous type of capital punishment known to man — crucifixion — in order that a degenerate like myself could have the opportunity for eternal life with Him in Heaven.  
The world's most dangerous person has absolute power over all creation, yet He is compassionate, loving and giving.  
No sir — I wouldn't want to trifle with a Person like that — but I want to have a relationship with Him — Jesus Christ.


Paul Gauntt currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Palmer.