This week, Waxahachie Media Group is announcing a change in our distribution schedules. Beginning Oct. 4, the Waxahachie Daily Light will transition from publishing three days a week to two days a week, and the paper will be delivered to your mailbox by the U.S. Postal Service. 

Here at the Daily Light, we are committed to providing quality products for our readers, both in print and online. We believe that reducing the frequency of our paper will help us work toward our goal of increasing the overall quality of the news that we deliver.

Don’t fret: Subscribers will still receive their papers on Wednesdays, plus a combined weekend edition on Saturday inclusive of both the Friday and Sunday papers. The Select TV Entertainment Magazine TV guide that is currently in the Friday edition will be moving to Wednesday’s edition. Subscribers will still have unlimited access to, where we’ll continue to publish updates every day. 

The decision to make these changes was not an easy one, but we’re confident the new distribution schedule will allow us to continue to provide the coverage that matters to you most. 

“The ever-evolving business of bringing local news to your home is an honor and a challenge,” said advertising and operations director Colten Crist. “For 152 years, the Waxahachie Daily Light has prided itself on being your hometown paper — a trusted local source of news you rely on and cherish. These values are exactly what my team strives for every day.”  

As news breaks, readers will still find it first on Our journalists will continue to engage with our audience on Facebook with daily updates and top stories. And our apps will still give readers access to our rich e-editions and the latest news.

The Waxahachie Daily Light has been through many transformations since its establishment in 1867. Through them all, we’ve remained committed to keeping our readers informed with accurate, enterprising community journalism.

That tradition continues today.

The decision to change our print distribution is part of a much broader digital transformation impacting media companies and newspapers across the country. We know many of you are already accessing our digital platforms, as we’re experiencing year-over-year audience growth at This year we saw a double-digit increase in direct visits to our website.

“The Daily Light’s online presence will continue to grow to accommodate the overwhelming number of readers we’re seeing on our sites,” said managing editor Rebecca Jones. “We want to continue to focus on providing content that caters to their needs as well as the needs of our print subscribers. This transition will be a big first step.”

Subscription rates and expiration dates will remain the same during this transition. Subscribers with questions, or those seeking cancellations or refunds, can call 972-937-3310 or email 

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support for the Waxahachie Daily Light and our brand of journalism — reliable, accurate and community-focused news.