Probably one of the greatest factors in people relying on mind-altering drugs, or a visit to the psychiatrist today, is anxiety and worry. These two villains will rob a person of joy; they will impede one’s ability to do a good, productive day’s work. They not only contribute to, but in many cases are the sole cause of many illnesses — like stroke, heart trouble, hypertension and troubles in the digestive tract and cancer. Anxiety, stress and worry can hinder or destroy friendships. But worst of all, anxiety, worry and stress are blatant violations of God’s commands. And the antidotes the world has to offer, provide temporary relief at best — but God’s peace will completely satisfy.

It is God’s will for us to not worry. In Hebrews 4:1, He says, “Let us therefore fear, lest, a promise being left us of entering into his rest, any of you should seem to come short of it.” 

The reference was in regard to the Israelites inability to rest in the wilderness. They murmured against God time after time — and time after time God always came to their aid, and met their need, and it angered God. If you really want to raise the ire of a Holy God, then just live a faithless life. Pharaoh was hot on the Israelites’ trail upon their leaving Egypt. They murmured against Moses for leading them to an impossible situation — standing at the banks of the Red Sea and not being able to escape. But God rolled the waters back, and gave them a passage to freedom. They could never rest in the truth that God was with them, and that He wanted to bless them and provide for them. `

Here are just a few excerpts in the scripture that assure us we have nothing to worry about:

God tells us that He is with us — that He is our God — and strength comes from Him. Isaiah 41:10

God tells us that, because He cares for us, we have the privilege of casting our cares upon him, and permitting Him to handle them. 1 Peter 5:7. The idea is to take a large, heavy weight we are trying to bear, and literally slam it upon the back of the Savior. He will bear it because we are a care and a concern to Him. No one is better equipped nor qualified to care for you like He can.

How many minutes do we waste every morning trying to decide what to wear? How many minutes a day do we waste, trying to plan what we are going to eat for lunch and dinner? Jesus tells us that life is of far greater value than what we eat, drink, or wear. Matthew 6:25

There are incidents that will happen in your future over which you have absolutely no control. That does not mean that you can’t prepare for a possible calamity that you are relatively sure will come to pass. But scripture tells us that tomorrow will take care of itself — there is enough trials and difficulties today — so why weight yourself down today over tomorrow’s troubles? Matthew 6:34. 

Finally, you have the opportunity to live in peace, because God promises to give it to you. John 14:27 The world cannot pull that off, but God can. So, “Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”