A lot goes into building a customized home. The newly constructed John Houston Custom Homes Design Studio provides a modernized space for homeowners to create the most meaningful home. 

The newly created design studio served its first customers on April 22 and welcomed the community Monday afternoon with two ribbon cuttings. It was, indeed, a packed house.

Among the John Houston Custom Homes supporters was Lara Bailey, the humble design studio manager that put all of her heart and soul into the project.

Bailey said the project happened quickly in a four- to six-month timeframe. 

She laid out the floor plan, demoed the building and decided on every detail to make the space inviting and functional for the buyers. It was important for areas to be determined to have that one-on-one time with the buyers while customers make serious financial decisions.

"I did my research and went to a lot of design centers in DFW and got ideas and inspiration from those as well," Bailey explained.

Once a buyer signs the contract for their forever-home, the design studio is the first step to start the building process.

Samples are available for customers to touch and visualize in person from faucets, tile, backsplash, lighting, cabinets, staircases, countertops and everything else that goes into building a customized home. Examples that are not on display are available to see digitally.

A smaller 1,800-square-foot studio was located just a block away before the new 421 Century Way structure was constructed in Red Oak.

"We were very much on top of each other," Bailey remembered. "So, this is 6,000 square feet, so, it makes a huge difference."

Bailey has been on board with John Houston Custom Homes for five years where she started out as a designer. Two-and-a-half years ago she was promoted to the design studio manager and was tasked with the recreation.

 "We build life-long relationships, and one of our main goals was, 'how can we make that time we spend with them impactful and meaningful?'" 

The new location includes offices for more one-on-one time, which is a new feature that the previous building did not incorporate.

"We had two workspaces for designers, and we would cram in the little space," Bailey detailed. "It's really all about the quality of time that we are giving the customer with that one-on-one experience."

With the additional space, more samples are available, and televisions display unique ideas that are not showcased.

Bailey expressed she was excited the project was finished, and when she cut the Red Oak and Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce ribbons, Bailey had the biggest smile on her face.

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