Aren't you glad God uses flawed people to accomplish His work and His plan for this old, imperfect world in which we live?

I certainly am! Because after living in this earth suit for the past 71 years, I am keenly aware of my flaws every day. — and the truth is — if God only used "perfect" people, I would have no chance for service in His Kingdom.

One of my former church members recently made a comment on Facebook about how he had lost all respect for the President because of his sometimes "salty" language. So he's going to vote for an obscure Republican in Massachusetts who will probably get a dozen votes. Well, forgive me for saying this, God has been known to use people with salty language to do His bidding. The reason for that is simple -- that's all He has. There was only one Perfect Person, and they killed him. Didn't the Apostle Peter let out with some curse words the night before Jesus was crucified, in an attempt to prove to the Romans and Pharisees that he was not with the Nazarene? Shameful! But wait -- about 50 days later when the Holy Spirit empowered the New Testament Church in Jerusalem, there was old "foul-mouthed" Peter standing and preaching with great power and authority. Three thousand souls were saved and added to the Kingdom of God.

Let me illustrate this principle with this familiar story -- You've all heard about the guy who was hanging on the edge of a cliff, and to lose his grip would mean plummeting 1500 feet to his death. So he cries out to God to save him. A helicopter comes to his rescue, but he tells the pilot that he is waiting on God -- not realizing that God used that pilot to rescue him.

I have prayed earnestly for years that God would spare our nation — that He would send someone who could be used to set our country back on the track of the ideology upon which our nation was founded — to fight against socialism, abortion, make us safe and preserve our freedoms. So God raises up a flawed man — a businessman — a "non-presidential" man. I don't know about you, but I am accepting the notion that God is answering that prayer. I don't remember asking God to send us a Billy Graham — or a W.A. Criswell — or a Robert Jeffress to be used to rescue our nation. I have asked God to send His man.

But how ironic is it that God uses flawed men — and women (by the way, Graham, Criswell and Jeffress would be the first to admit to not being flawless).

I don't recall the Israelite spies refusing the help of Rahab. They didn't say, "Oh no, we could never allow you to hide us in the wall because you are a harlot." I don't recall the Israelites refusing to accept David's leadership because he had a one-night-stand with Bathsheba. I don't remember reading that the people of Ephesus refused to sit under the pastorate of the Apostle Paul for three years because he had been a serial killer!

Why didn't God dress John the Baptist up in a three-piece suit with a white shirt and tie and have him eat the finest cuisine of the day? How in the world could God use a ruffian, who ate locusts and wild honey and wore camel skin? But John the Baptist was hailed, by his First Cousin, Jesus, as the greatest! "Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist. . ." Matthew 11:11. Jesus said that!

Why did God raise up a man who has salty language, to rescue our nation from the abyss of socialism, and demise (such as what we are seeing in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles today) I don't know - I guess you'll have to ask Him in glory one day -- only, then we shall know everything perfectly, so there will be no question, nor should there be today, as to God's motives and methods which He chooses to advance His Kingdom.

By the way, please don't read into this that I am sanctioning cussing! Cussing is wrong! If I ever did it in the pulpit, I would expect my church to bodily throw me out of the building -- for good!

I guess I've said all of that to say this -- God uses flawed people -- that's all He has on this earth!


Paul Gauntt currently serves as the pastor of First Baptist Church of Palmer.