To the Editor,

"Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth of wealth and taste". So goes the song.

Now to use this space to disparage our *President Trump would be useless, a literal exercise in redundancy. To point out his personal faults or to frame his inadequacy in the performance of his elected duties will serve no illuminating purpose. He, being just as he is, shows that without any help or need to have assistance from anyone else. He's got that, and after a lifetime built on promoting himself before anything else, does it very well.

What he has done is to bring the Constitution back into the realm of fluidity. To make us question the legitimacy of the role of the people being a part of government beyond the casting of votes. More specifically, the role of the Executive branch in relation to Congress and just what is allowed by each and the role each plays in the executing the will of the people. Congress being representative of the people as duty or the President being that by elected mandate. Basically, a power grab, raw and without well practiced procedure and courtesy.

To explore the minutia of constitutional wording by you and I, laypersons in our interpretations thereof, is best left to the courts and scholars who will argue their points and an established definition will stand or a new one take it's place. Tis the process laid before us. We shall only be witness to this, not as active participants, and by the degree of our patriotism, accept the fruit of the action. Or not.

Yet even as this plays out before us, it does require our participation in the residual fallout of the state of a once civil discourse diminished by the wave of vulgarity and lack of good character being adopted as a primary condition of how we represent what is acceptable. This also is a result of *President Trump being elected. Like it or not, we are at a point where we must ask if the price of admission is worth the show. Because not only is does *President bring up the constitutional questions into play but also has us ask if our honor, our decency, our evolvement as a civilized people is up for sale to fund his appetite for the power that used to be ours.

So I say rather than throw rocks at a very easy target, thank the man for giving us a chance to re- examine what we are as a country and more importantly, what we are becoming as human beings.

Show a little sympathy. Woot woo.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie