To the Editor,

At least in Ellis County we treat stray animals humanely.

What *he is saying is he doesn't know what to say so he is saying anything to give the appearance he is saying something, so to say.

For those running for our State Representative, the one so conservative they won't even change their underwear will probably get the nomination.

Seems it would be easier for the Democratic candidates for President to divide into two softball teams, play a best of 3 game series where the members of the winning team would move on to the next debate. Program! Program! Can't tell your players without a program!

It's easy to not care about the suffering one's causing when they're insulated by the money they made by selling their moral soul.

*Donald Trump is the president. However, I am not his subject. I don't work for him, quite the contrary, actually. He was elected to run the ship. Yet he is not the ship. For far above him is the flag I'm loyal to. And it should never be lowered to where he is now.

The freedom of speech starts with the freedom to think. A lot of people speaking are skipping that step.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie