The “Cracked Pots” ladies’ Bible class from Midlothian Creekside Church visited and toured the facilities of FirstLook Pregnancy Clinic in Waxahachie on Friday with a mission to shower and bless the outreach and ministry.

And shower they did.

The ladies representing the “Cracked Pots” were led by Elaine Culp, a class member who came up with the idea to conduct a baby shower of sorts to restock FirstLook’s baby shop, which is aptly named Noah’s Boutique. This part of the facility is a nursery-like room featuring brand new baby items such as onesies, everyday wear, blankets, layette apparel and accessories.

Noah’s Boutique allows the organization’s clients to purchase new children’s attire and baby essentials by redeeming reward points. These points are acquired by attending educational classes, as well as participating in any other services offered by FirstLook.

“It was our pleasure to help out with the baby clothes and other supplies,” Culp stated. “It was nice learning about all the services that this clinic provides to women needing some assistance.”

Sharra Poteet has served as the director of the FirstLook Pregnancy Clinic for almost 15 years. She is assisted by Donna Young, FirstLook CEO, who is currently also in charge of the capital campaign that hopes to fundraise enough donation efforts to help build a new headquarters for the clinic in the near future.

Poteet and Young met the Creekside ladies on Friday and took the group on a guided tour of the Ellis County operation, which included the boutique, the clinic itself, the counseling classrooms, the examination rooms, the sonogram equipment, the clerical offices and the stockroom where other essentials are kept — such as diapers, wipes, formula, baby food and more. The two also have a FirstLook public retail store next door, which sells all types of second-hand clothing and accessories, as well as a variety of houseware goods and home décor pieces.

According to its mission statement, FirstLook strives to lead “Ellis County to embrace life by promoting best sexual health practices and providing family support in the name of Jesus Christ.”

The pregnancy clinic features medical services (pregnancy testing, ultrasound, STI testing and treatment), personal care (pregnancy options, counseling, spiritual support, post-abortion healing, and Doula services), education (prenatal classes, parenting classes, one-on-one classes, and lactation consultation) and resource support (domestic violence screening, terminal prenatal diagnosis, and abortion pill reversal).

Poteet was quick to tell the church ladies that they gladly accept any woman who walks through the clinic's doors seeking help. Many times, these clients are not from Ellis County but from other parts of the metroplex, so everyone feels safe and secure, and where each person’s privacy is completely protected.

“We are so proud to announce that FirstLook will be celebrating their 25th anniversary in February of 2020”, stated Poteet.

In fact, FirstLook is in the midst of a Capital Campaign to raise funds to build a new 9,000 square foot building on YMCA Drive in the northern part of the city of Waxahachie.

According to Young, any individual, church, or community business or organization is welcome to contribute to this charitable cause. For more information, contact FirstLook at (972) 938-7900, visit its website at, or visit the location at 1204 Ferris Avenue in Waxahachie.