A taco can go a long way to cure a hunger craving, especially when it comes with chips, queso and a side of corn.

And, as of the close of June, an Arkansas-grown but Texas-raised Taco chain has turned those cravings into 10 million meals for starving children.

Tacos 4 Life, which first launched in Conway, Arkansas in 2014, announced the milestone on Friday, June 21 and the chain was up to 10,141,762 meals donated by Wednesday morning. The Waxahachie location has contributed rather nicely to that total, too.

Since opening Feb. 13, the Waxahachie-based Tacos 4 Life had raised 213,740 meals for underfed or impoverished children by the time the doors opened Wednesday.

"Our team of life givers at Tacos 4 Life in Waxahachie is humbled by the outpouring of support from our community in partnering with us to end world hunger," stated Waxahachie franchisee Jim Stanford. "Our incredible customers deserve the credit for reaching these incredible meal donation milestones.

"Because of them, more than 10,000,000 life-saving meals are being delivered to children around the world. This is the very reason we exist in Waxahachie and look forward to donating millions more meals in partnership with our community."

According to a Tacos 4 Life press release, the franchise donates one meal for every taco, burrito, salad, rice bowl, nachos or kid's meal purchased at any of its locations. The proceeds translate to roughly 22 cents per entree purchased.

"When we realized our guests raised 10 million meals, I was speechless and my heart was so full," said co-founder Austin Samuelson, who opened the chain with his wife and former school teacher, Ashton. Tacos 4 Life has since expanded into four states and 16 locations, and will soon open its 17th location in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

According to the press release, each of the current 16 locations averages 1,000 meals raised per day.

"The love and support that our team, volunteers and guests have poured into this mission and brand are incredible, and I am honored to share this milestone with everyone," Austin added.

Ashton echoed the sentiment and stated, "Austin and I created the concept for Tacos 4 Life in 2014 because we knew that we could help solve the problem of world hunger in third world countries.

"We never would have thought that five years later there would be 16 Tacos 4 Life restaurants and 10 million meals raised for starving children. I can't wait to see what our team members and guests are able to do in the next five years."

To celebrate this memorable moment for the brand, Tacos 4 Life gave away free tacos for a year to 10 guests on social media.