After 14 dedicated years in Waxahachie ISD, Shelle Blaylock resigned as the assistant superintendent of academics and leadership.

"I love this district to the core of my meat and my family, and I did not make this decision in haste," Blaylock told the Daily Light. "It was very much a unified decision from my husband, my boys and me."

Blaylock began her journey in WISD as a teacher at Northside and Felty Elementary schools. She then worked as the curriculum coordinator before a stint as the principal of Howard Junior High.

For the past four and a half years, Blaylock served in her current role as assistant superintendent of leadership and academics. On Aug. 23, 2018, the Waxahachie ISD Board of Trustees unanimously voted Blaylock to work as the acting superintendent after former superintendent Dr. Jeremy Glenn resigned.

"Serving as acting superintendent is definitely my greatest honor," Blaylock emphasized.

"Waxahachie took a risk on me several times, and I am so thankful — so thankful — that they have grown me," she added. "Every single day, I tried to learn something new."

Blaylock said she plans to continue to make an impact in Waxahachie and education as a whole.

Before joining WISD, Blaylock worked in two other districts — one year with Bastrop ISD and eight with Cedar Hill ISD.

Blaylock initially began her journey in education as a fourth-grade teacher and then spent the following 14 years teaching first-grade.

"When you teach first graders, you get no personal space," Blaylock joked. "Most of the time you get called, 'Mom,' because they are with you all day long. You have to be selfless in that work. I tried to never ever lose the sight and the heart of what that work feels like, and every decision that I made I always did it with, 'How would I handle this as a student or teacher or a parent?' So I could keep that the heart of everything we do."

"These babies in this town are amazing," Blaylock emphasized. "The kids that we have in this district are top notch, and the staff that we have here are working beyond what is humanly possible."

Blaylock ensured she would remain local in the community that has grown near and dear to her heart, stating both of her sons will graduate from Waxahachie High. Blaylock plans to stay in the field of education, but in the meantime, she will support her sons and contribute more time to the baseball booster club. She also plans to volunteer at district campuses in her free time and devote additional hours to the Waxahachie Project.

"I have been overwhelmed with the love that has been shared with me in the past 48 hours from the community and school district," Blaylock said. "I am just honored that they would take the time to share with me how much they valued our friendships and working relationships."

WISD Superintendent Dr. Bonny Cain said, "Shelle Blaylock has excellent skills in all areas of school administration. One of very her best skills is in the critical area of relationships; relationships with supervisors, relationships with staff, relationships with parents, students and the community."

Cain continued, "While we are very sad that she is leaving us, we are very happy for her and her family. Shelle will be terribly missed."

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