To the Editor,

I have been fortunate to grow up in a family that values public service. From a young age, I watched my grandparents and parents influence this community through their engagement in church, civic and government roles. I loved the tiny hamlet that was the Midlothian of my childhood and I love the thriving place of commerce it is today. It is still my quiet and my respite. It is still my beloved home and I understand why so many new families have made it theirs. Having seen the results of both good and bad decisions from leadership, I am keenly interested in our current mayor runoff election. While I applaud both candidates for their willingness to serve, I believe Richard Reno has the proven experience in business and service to provide the wisdom, leadership, and positive influence to our staff, council and community during these challenging times. Richard and I have worked closely through the Downtown Business Association and other business initiatives and his passion and enthusiasm for our city is closely matched by his deep thoughtfulness and willingness to listen. Please join me in voting Richard Reno for Mayor of Midlothian.

Jamie Wickliffe, Midlothian