To the Editor,

I wanted to personally take the time to write this letter to endorse Cammy Jackson for Mayor of Midlothian. We are in a run-off! What a great Country to be able to vote and choose who we want to serve us in elected office. I am honored to have that right and honored to use that right to VOTE FOR CAMMY JACKSON. I met Cammy a few years back while serving with her on the executive board of a national mentoring organization. Her love and dedication for the people of Midlothian impressed me then, and now that realization has only grown as I have watched her love and serve others. We have great candidates for Mayor but for me-the best for the job is Cammy. She has served and worked hard for local businesses in her years at the Chamber of Commerce and she has worked even harder to see the community flourish. I am proud to call her friend and I am so eager to call her Mayor. Take it from me, if you just get out and take the time to vote for her in this run off, SHE WILL MAKE YOU SO PROUD AND GLAD YOU DID. I’m so proud of this community and excited to see how Cammy can serve us all to make it better!

Warm regards,

Brandon Honeycutt, Co-Founder Living Fluent Consulting