To the Editor,

My name is Joey Ball, I’m a planner for the federal government producing master plans for US military installations around the world. I am also a member of the American Planning Association and very integrated into the city planning community of practice. Like many other planners, I’m always looking for what makes a great town. One thing true of all great communities is a strong vision combined with a strong leader to champion that vision through a phased approach over time. Mayoral candidate, Cammy Jackson is our town’s strong leader well suited to champion the current vision of Midlothian stated in the comprehensive plan.

“Midlothian, a place where people want to live, raise a family, and enjoy a comfortable way of life supported by a community rich in heritage and opportunities for growth.”

She has the drive, enthusiasm, and commitment to set this town on the right course. Midlothian is experiencing unprecedented growth and desperately needs a visionary leader to set us on a positive trajectory. It must move beyond business as usual cycles of developer-driven sprawl following the pattern of so many other towns which doesn’t always produce a city that ages well. Instead, in this transition period, we have a great opportunity to learn from other cities and industry experts that have successfully navigated rapid growth. We should focus on sound principals and drawing from the characteristics of great communities to become something unique on the south end of DFW while building on the identity and rich heritage Midlothian has. The decisions made over the next few years will set the patterns of growth and dramatically impact residents of today as well as those living here decades from now. The next few years will require a mayor who can set a vision for the city then build consensus through a collaborative approach. The mayor must be able to empower the city employees through positive energy and be willing to support progressive ideas. Cammy Jackson is very well suited to do just that. Not only does she have the credentials and accolades necessary to qualify for this position but more importantly she is able to build trust with people through great character and competence. For people to trust a leader they must believe two things, 1.the leader has their best interest in mind and will do what is right for all (character) and 2.the leader can effectively get the job done (competence). Over the years Cammy has shown both to this town in her many service capacities serving as CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, building and managing the Wine and Arts Festival, a highly successful event that has seen extensive growth every year and now draws people from multiple states, she serves on Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ellis County Board, Keep Midlothian Beautiful Board, Midlothian Cemetery Board, and is part of the Mentors Care Program. There is no doubt she is passionate about the success of Midlothian and has what it takes to engage in a positive way with all city operations. Ms. Jackson has the right combination of education, experience, and relationships to create a town that fosters positive growth and improves the quality of life for all residents of all ages.

Thank You,

Joey Ball