The Maypearl City Council chambers erupted in applause as each former council member said their goodbyes and the new ones stepped into their seats.

Lisa Ferry, Johnny Coleman and Chris Coppinger were sworn in to serve on the Maypearl city council after being elected during the May 4 joint election. They replaced Kathy Wiggins, Michael Harris and John Wayne Pruitt.

"It's been nothing but a pleasure for me to work for the city as a council member and as a mayor for a four-year tenure," Pruitt said. "With that being said, I would hope and pray the new council members do a better job than I did. Y'all have my blessing, and I hope and pray you look at the city of Maypearl before you look at yourself."

Pruitt added that he hopes to see not only the council members do better but see more citizen participation.

"You need to come down and voice your opinion," Pruitt said. "We need the support of our citizens."

Wiggins plans on moving out of the city limits which is why she did not run for reelection. She said she is excited to see "new blood" serve on the council.

Coleman said he was born and raised in Maypearl, moved away for a bit and came back after he had kids. He explained he ran for council because he wants to improve Maypearl for his family.

"When you say you're from Maypearl, I want you to hold your head up high," Coleman said. "I want something to come out of this. I'm about fairness and I love Maypearl to death. I promise there is no one in this town that loves Maypearl more than I do."

Coppinger added he and Coleman have a similar goal with improving the city.

"I just felt that I could do more being on the council," Coppinger noted. "We want to help this town get on the right track."

Ferris said while on the council she wants to focus on enforcing city ordinances. She noted that she was happy when she was elected earlier this month and is ready to start working.

"We need to enforce some ordinance," Ferris explained. We also need to work on getting grants to get more than just the streets fixed."

After swearing in the new council with four new and two returning members, the board got to work with the regular agenda. The council discussed the city's budget and tabled a renewing contract for Maypearl Sports Park services to allow more bids.

During the May 4 joint election, Maypearl residents elected Phillip "Doc" Veltman, who died in March, as the mayor. The council now is required to appoint a mayor.

The council will meet again at 7 p.m. Thursday to nominate and appoint a new mayor.


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty