To the Editor,

Remember in 2016, then-candidate Trump ranted "you're going to get tired of winning." It was quite braggadocio! Now, 2 yrs. later in the new administration, I am getting tired of winning! It started on Nov. 9, 2016, a day that showed major polling and pre-printed headlines listing Hillary as first female president, that Trump was elected our 45th president, in an electoral windfall. Could be likened to the 65 to 1 odds of Country House, the second place racehorse at the recent Kentucky Derby, was named the winner, over the first place runner, Maximum Security. This unprecedented ruling was based on interference. I'm sure the first place horse and jockey over the finish line could claim their victory was stolen like Donald Trump's opponent just recently proclaimed her victory was stolen, to add to her long list of excuses for losing.

The first 2 yrs. for President Trump was a rough ride, but her preserved throughout the seemingly endless Mueller Investigation. Against mountainous odds of 19 lawyers, unlimited time and money allotment, up to 35 million of taxpayers money, hundreds of subpoenas, 30 hrs. questioning Trump counselor, with his permission, we now know the results: No collusion, and No obstruction charges by Mueller in his 448-page report. As the vindicated Potus moves forward, after unprecedented transparency, no firing of Mueller, no Executive privilege applied as other past presidents had, full cooperation from family and associates with 1.5 million documents provided and while enduring this cloud, the President worked daily instituting benefits for our country, amidst the 24/7 resistance, media negativity at 90%, he can again, accept another victory. However, the victor will no longer be submissive to the opposition who just can't join the celebration that all America in Mueller's report found No collusion with Russia. New investigations to prod the origin causes for the Democratic demanded Mueller probe is forthcoming and Trump will openly cooperate to declassify FISA reports and the I.C. Horowitz report soon to be made public regarding all possible players in the spying endeavors of a presidential candidate. Even the liberal N.Y.T. printed acknowledgment of spying; A.G. Barr was telling the truth.

Meanwhile, America is winning too with the lowest unemployment rate. 3.6% in 49 yrs. Monthly job reports of 238,000 new jobs in April, surpassing expectations. Anyone who chooses to work can gain employment. This was Not the case 8 yrs. ago, I attest personally.

The list of economic pluses keeps building. And the wall is too being built, despite a Democratic majority in Congress. So their manufactured labeled crisis is now apparent to the naysayers. These victories have been fought with every tooth and nail and fake news compliance for this administration and Trumps supporters. Many are celebrating, but too many are electing to continue whining, pouting, denying, stomping their feet, overlooking our progress and continue to disrespect and jeer. Too bad. To the victor, belongs the spoils, but yet these victories also benefit the spoiled as well. Are you tired of winning too?

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie