To the Editor,

Change, change is inevitable…

I am not and have never been a fan of change. It terrifies me and makes me very uneasy. With that being said, I have the complete understanding that it does in fact become inevitable at times, and that, you cannot change. I have also developed the understanding that one must embrace change for all it is and all it isn’t. Afterall, it may not be exactly what you want, though at times you discover in hindsight that it was what you wanted all along. It can in effect lead you to what may be even more important than what you may think you want, and that is, what you need. Change can also be great, negative, or equal parts both depending on your perspective.

Well my fellow Waxahachians, our beloved and deeply cherished town has the winds of change blowing through it. We have an extraordinary opportunity in the local elections coming upon us this very next Saturday the 4th of May. This change I speak of is not only going to affect this election but be affected by it.

As I previously stated, I am a true Waxahachian, and I take great pride in saying that. I was born and raised here and though I have spent short periods of time in various other cities in the DFW area I have always looked to Waxahachie as my one and only home. My family is multiple generations deep in this community and knowing the histories of this town, where it has been, where it is, and where it is headed gives me that excitement, love, and affinity. I do research almost every day on various goings on involving this community. I drive around town daily to specifically check out the growth and many changes happening, from Butcher Road to the Ganaway Bridge and throughout. If you have the fortune to know the things I know of Waxahachie, this is a one of a kind remarkable town and community.

On a lighter note, I have even started to accept the “transplanted” Waxahachians, which I was reluctant to do at first. I always thought, “this is my town, stop coming here!”. However, I have begun to see that the people that move here, do so for a reason and many of those reasons are the same reasons that I stay here. They love our history, merge into our community and culture, and take on this town as their own. Change is still coming.

There are people in this cities history that have contributed greatly to the foundation, growth, and current offerings this community provides. Some of these people are at the forefront of those demanding tasks and hold seats on the current city council. I for one am very appreciative of the strives and dedicated hard work of these individuals in making this city what it is today. It takes extreme diligence and ability in a multitude of areas to do such a thankless and voluntary act as to provide that degree of attention to anything in ones life much less in service to an entire community that doesn’t exactly know what goes into creating a place worthy enough for someone to call home. However, those attributes and qualifications aren’t inherited at birth and aren’t exclusive to certain individuals. Sometimes they are earned and sometimes they are assumed or handed out. The people on the current city council probably earned their credentials through years of service. For some this service comes with twenty plus years of backing, though before that service began, there were no qualifications in the areas expected for someone in a city council position. Recently within this city there has been a tradition of status quo, resting on laurels, and not fixing what isn’t broken. Of course, you aren’t going to do something about a problem if you either don’t acknowledge that the problem exists, or don’t even see that the problem exists. That is where this change, I refer to can either become the very problem that doesn’t get fixed, or the solution to that problem. Change can be a step forward, change can be a step backwards, or change can be just change.

We are currently, and soon to be more so, in very trying times in Waxahachie. Our taxes have risen to levels incompatible with the amount of services we receive. This is quite troublesome to a large portion of the citizenry that knows there can be the same level of service or even improvements with lower taxes if done the correct and transparent way. Our infrastructure isn’t compatible with the current size of this town and the expected growth will only add more strain. People say that this town needs to start building out and adding roads away from the 77 corridor in order to circumvent the heavy traffic areas. This is no longer a statement, but a plea. Business handlings are seen by many in town to be somewhat shady. Well, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck… It seems the council is willing to allow anything to come to town if it boosts tax revenue. I for one would like to see initiatives to at least try to bring back some of this towns charm lost to the Frisco-esc model. Advertising our community to highly respected businesses in efforts to bring them to town with plentiful higher paying jobs would be a blessing. People complain about this all the time but how about enticing more variety and higher-level dining. Or maybe we should try to slow down this growth all together to allow ourselves to catch up. All these new and exciting quality of life amenities we are getting I love. We can have those same things with the added benefit of quality of life services. Other towns have done it and continue to do it. We can do it and better, but we must do it the correct and transparent way. We used to be the quintessential “Live, Work, Play” community. It has, is, and will continue to be more and more difficult to be that if we rest on our laurels.

Many of you know the incumbent council members and for that reason continue to vote for them and that’s fine, but I challenge you to educate yourselves on the goings on in your and my town and ask yourself if we continue the status quo that has already given us trying times, where will we be in 2, 5, 7, or 10 years. Experience isn’t the answer to these and future trying times. Ideas are the answer. New, fresh, and compatible with our communities needs and wants, ideas. The incumbents have given me all the reasons I need to hand the reigns of this city to people with fresh energy and ideas. Change is coming and we need to change with it. In this case we have a change coming that can most certainly be viewed as negative. We as a community have the responsibility to elect someone willing and able to make the change needed, and more importantly wanted to combat this negative change by electing David Cox to the Waxahachie City Council.

David was born in Waxahachie. He is not a politician and never will be. He is a doer. He is a healthcare provider that helps to save and bring life to people daily. He is a man of integrity, intelligence barely challengeable, and a grit to be reckoned with. He is a family man with strong moral fortitude, empathy, and character. I’ve known David all my life and although he moved a long distance away from Waxahachie to educate himself and make a better life for himself, he came back home. He will fight for you, me, and our community to ensure that the coming growth and trying times for this city are as easy on her citizens as possible. Our current voter turnouts aren’t looking very admirable so get out and vote for whomever you chose, but my vote is going to David Cox and yours should to. I am a proud Waxahachian and David Cox will make you proud too.

Jacob Adkins, Waxahachie