There is not a better way to commemorate a grand opening than with a confetti cannon.

And, that’s precisely how Kimmy Almon celebrated the grand opening of her boutique in downtown Waxahachie.

“To see all of the hard work pay off, it’s an indescribable feeling,” Almon expressed. “That’s why I’m tearing up a little bit — literally a dream come true, and it turned out better than I imagined.”

Almon, 29, has always dreamed of owning her own boutique and has recently made the transformation from solely online and pop-ups to brick and mortar.

The front exterior frame exudes baby pink that continues inside the store with white and gold accents. A Dalmatian-themed portable wall, up-scale lighting, stand-alone racks, and a new coat of paint modernized the shop into a refreshing space that is bright and happy.

“I wanted someone to walk in my store, and it be a living Instagram," Almon explained while standing behind the counter. "I wanted to continue that same asthenic as my Instagram page.”

“I wanted to create a space that was fun to be in,” she added.

The ambiance of the store was also inspired by the style of clothing sold. Almon described her style as bold, bright and the right balance between flattering and conservative. Almon also offers plus sizes and noted all hangers with a pink ribbon categorize those sizes.

While Almon was a senior at Texas A&M University at Galveston, she figured opening a storefront was not feasible and instead established an online retail store — Kimmy’s Boutique.

Committed to her customer base, Almon delivered purchases to homes and managed pop-up vendors, while maintaining a full-time job either banking or teaching.

Ever since she married Waxahachie-local Jackson Almon in 2018, she had the benefit of investing in her company full-time. Later in the interview, Almon disclosed that Jackson was a key motivator in her establishing a brick and mortar.

Ironically, Jackson’s mother, Shannon Almon, who operated High Cotton Exchange, was going through a transition as well and shuttered her antique shop that functioned for the better part of two years. Almon utilized that opportunity and moved in.

“It’s a cute town with heart and history,” Almon said about downtown Waxahachie.

Almon also noted that she will continue to do pop-up events, maybe even as many as three a month, as they are her "bread and butter."

“I’ve grown my online from pop-ups and meeting people," she explained. "I want to continue to grow online, and I want the store to implement online.”

Initially, the pop-ups featured the latest styles, but the store will now have first dibs on new merchandise. Almon expressed the storefront will build confidence behind the online shopping.

Now with her first storefront established, Almon hopes to open another store in her hometown of Galveston where she and her husband have a home as well.

Kimmy's Boutique is the fourth retail store to open in downtown Waxahachie in 2019. Others include Copper Rose, Vaqueras and Dazzling Divas.

For more information about the latest looks connect with Kimmy's Boutique on social media by searching @shopkimmy. The store is located at 209 S. College St.

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