To the Editor,

With our strong Texas economy attracting people from around the country, Midlothian will continue to draw families looking for a great community with excellent quality of life -- just as it caught our eye 21 years ago. We face critical decisions ahead about how we manage growth effectively to preserve quality of life, and how to maintain essential services and safety without overburdening residents with taxes.

Having served respectively at various times on the Midlothian Zoning Board of Adjustments, Planning and Zoning, Parks Board, Midlothian Economic Development Corporation, and on the boards of other local and regional nonprofits, we appreciate the importance of sound leadership.

With his education, service to our country, and exceptional accomplishments in business, Richard Reno has the skills to lead our council and city staff with a strategic plan for the future, sound financial decision-making, and passionate commitment to our city. Please join us in voting for the only candidate for mayor with decades of proven success and commitment to our community.

Dan and Cathy Altman, Midlothian