Byron “Lee” Fuller, 77, passed away peacefully on Thursday, April 11, 2019, surrounded by his family who loved him dearly. Though he came to Christ later in his life, he was a man who lived a life full of Christlike attributes. Always displaying a generous spirit and zest for life, coupled with compassion and kindness, he will be missed by all who he ever encountered.

In his younger years, he spent 13 years in the Navy. During the Vietnam War, he commanded a river supply boat where he liked to say, “we never ran from a fight.” A brilliant storyteller, his stories inspired allegiance to his country, yet it was obvious there were many things he deliberately chose not to tell you, because of the trauma it might inflict. It was later in life that he learned of the damage inflicted on his body from a generous exposure to Agent Orange.

Had you found yourself sitting beside him in an airport, you’d have learned about how he parlayed his education from Navy Nuclear Power School and submarine service, into multiple businesses, starting-up power plants all over the world. Time spent on the Alaskan pipeline was yet another facet of his career. For him, business was fun and challenging, and he enjoyed a reputation in his industry for his vast experience, problem-solving ability and creativity. Susan, his wife, said that on more than one vacation, she was abruptly left to bring the golf clubs and find a flight home because he was called to resolve an immediate, explosive mission halfway across the world.

He retired, but in true Lee Fuller style, he couldn’t step away. In 2011, he undertook his last business venture with Scott Morrison at JMTest in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Building a Services Division from the ground up was his proudest accomplishment because of his love for the integrity of the company and the team.

Lee Fuller embraced all the children who came to be a part of his family. He married his wife Linda, while a young sailor. As an honorable man, he adopted her three boys, who were aged 1, 3, and 5. And he proceeded to work very hard to raise those kids, also adding a daughter. He lost Linda to cancer in her 40’s.

He married again, to Susan Thomas and celebrated 24 years of marriage. During that time, he embraced her 4 children as his own. With his marvelous sense of humor, he taught them about unconditional love and selflessness, helping to navigate through life lessons. As a husband, he was warm, fun, passionate and energetic. He started every day with a song, usually made-up and off-key. Friends often teased him saying he should give “husband lessons”. Susan explained, “He was my favorite person to do everything with, from traveling the world to going on our Friday Field Trips”.

Lee Fuller never met a stranger. He enjoyed golf, but he enjoyed checking in with all his friends on the course almost as much. His friends around the world have offered condolences and each one has a great Lee Fuller story. We all have a huge hole in our hearts and rejoice that he is in heaven with all his loved ones.

He is survived by his wife, Susan; children, Ron Fuller, Gary Fuller, Mark Fuller, Christine Grimm (Mike), Nicole Ramon (David), Jeremiah Thomas (Kara), Jessica Thomas and Keely Thomas; grandchildren, Crystal Jackson, Chelsey Fuller, Cody Harvey, Adrianne Brown (Andrew), Jarod Grimm, Coty Billy, Kyla Ward, Mattie Ramon, Mason Ramon, Sadie Thomas and Zoe Belle Thomas.

Thursday, April 18, 2019 he will be honored with a Graveside Service at DFW National Cemetery, at 1 pm.

In lieu of flowers the family directs you to a donation in honor of Lee Fuller with the National Kidney Foundation.