Sexually explicit comments during almost-daily water meter readings led the Maypearl City Council to terminate a city utility employee during a specially called executive meeting Saturday.

The mayor, who was made aware of the allegations more than a week prior, has since resigned.

Maypearl resident Ashley Boston claims Pete Marion, the now-former utility employee, routinely stalked her home on Chambers Creek Circle, just a few blocks from downtown. Through audio recordings provided to the Daily Light, Marion can also be heard making derogatory remarks about Boston, young women and girls in town, and his colleagues, which includes utility employee Kris Schaefer.


Boston said she first brought the issues to Maypearl Mayor Jake Brewster one week ago and was assured the city would look into the issue. She expected results quickly considering Schaefer — a family friend — had audio recordings of Marion’s statements.

He was not fired, however, until the specially called council session Saturday, which came following a viral Facebook post by Boston that exposed the incidents.

Brewster stepped down as mayor during that same Saturday session. As of publication, Brewster has not yet responded to the Daily Light’s request for an interview.

During a phone call Monday morning to the Maypearl City Hall to confirm Brewster's resignation, a city official was stated she was unsure if Brewster was still mayor.

“I don’t know,” the official said before a brief pause. “I don’t think so.”

Brewster was elected to office in November 2018, winning 74.77 percent of the vote.

Boston stated she wanted Marion’s actions to be made public in order to warn fellow residents, especially women and children, about his actions. Boston was disappointed when she felt the issues had stayed behind closed doors and were “swept under the rug.”

So, she took to social media.

Boston posted on Facebook her story of Marion and the attempts to warn city officials in the weeks prior. The post stated Schaefer — who has a form of autism — had been degraded and harassed by Marion since November. The since-deleted post also detailed Marion’s frequent visits to Boston’s home, which he put on a mandatory and daily water meter read.

Natalie Green, one of Boston’s neighbors, confirmed Marion’s frequent trips down the dead-end street where the two live.

“I wanted [city officials] to take a stand,” Boston told the Daily Light during a Monday morning phone interview. “I wanted them to stand up to our town and tell the citizens what they deserve to know.”

She added that the sexual comments were not limited to her. She heard several recordings of Marion talking about girls who were underaged in town.

“Jake [Brewster] and Mark [Partin] want to act like, it's okay. Who cares if he’s a pervert,” Boston added. “I don’t think it’s right, and I don’t think it’s fair that until I posted that on Facebook then [councilmember] Mark Partin wants to call me and he wants to apologize.”

Schaefer was hired to work for the City of Maypearl Utility Department in November, which is when Marion started demeaning him throughout the workday, Boston said.


After the often-sexual comments continued, Schaefer began to record the interactions with Marion. He then provided several of those recordings to Boston in order to let her know of the behavior.

Four Maypearl residents have since confirmed to the Daily Light that the voice in the recordings belongs to Marion.

In one recording provided to the Daily Light, labeled “Pete being Pete,” Marion spoke about the male anatomy and a "hot chick" walking outside of her home as the two worked near the Boston house.

Several times Schaefer can be heard attempting to change the subject away from Boston and other women, only to be demeaned by Marion.

Marion also spoke freely and frequently about the female anatomy; even instructing Schaefer to "roll the f****** window down" so he could "get a good look" at a woman's genital area.

The remarks didn’t end there. In a second recording sent by Boston to the Daily Light, Marion continued to speak about her sexually.

Boston said she would see the city truck driven by Marion frequent the dead-end street in front of her home several times a day.

“She’s hot. Real skinny. Little bitty thing," said Marion about Boston in the video before again focusing the conversation on her genitals and breast.


After hearing the sexually explicit recordings, Boston said she no longer felt safe in her home. She immediately went to the Maypearl Police Department to file a complaint — just to be told she couldn't.

Boston said she spoke with Maypearl Police Chief Cliff Carr and asked to file a restraining order against Marion; only to be told by Carr that the department did not view Marion as a predator or violent. Boston said she persisted, stating she didn’t feel safe in her home because her husband is frequently on the road.

Boston claimed that Carr said Marion is an "old pervert who preys on the weak" but did not see him as a threat to the community.

She again asked to file a complaint, only to have Carr state that the department did not have forms on hand to file a complaint. He said he could search for a form, but also noted the department did not have anyone on staff to file the complaint.

Carr spoke to the Daily Light during the monthly city council meeting Monday evening after the story's initial publication. He said, after Boston approached him about Marion, he did an investigation and found Marion had broken no laws which meant there was nothing he could do. 

He noted that the Maypearl Police Department does not handle restraining orders, and it would have to be filed with the Ellis County Sheriff's Office. 

Carr was named the police chief in January after working in the department for four years. He replaced former chief Boyd Norton.

According to Boston, several city officials have claimed they did not have a protocol in place for issues like this.

“Ya’ll (Maypearl) just had this same scandal three years ago,” said Boston, noting the 2017 conviction of former police chief Kevin Coffey for the sexual contact with, and sexual assault of, minors. “Don’t tell me you didn’t know the rules.”

Coffey was sentenced by an Ellis County jury to no less than 40 years in prison. He has also been charged for similar crimes in Grandview.

Boston noted she will whatever legal action she can against Marion.

*This article has been updated throughout. The article was also updated Tuesday at 1:16 p.m. with information provided by Maypearl Police Chief Cliff Carr.