Shelby and Richard Gregg wandered through the 11,000-square-foot record store in search for their next vinyl.

Every few minutes, one of the pair would pick a vinyl up from its crate and show it to the other with a smile. Shelby, 17, walked next to her father with her arms full of the newest vinyl she planned to take home from Forever Young Records in Grand Prairie.

“We’re a music family,” Shelby said about the Greggs, who are also Mansfield residents. Which shows through the family’s 3,000-record collection.

Richard, 46, has listened to records since he was a teenager. Now decades later, he shares the music medium with his teenage daughter who recently found a love for vinyl.

This Christmas, Shelby was gifted a record player and listened to vinyl records with her dad. And, Shelby isn’t alone.

Younger generations are moving away from streaming and back to vinyl — it’s a growing trend with a seemingly infinite amount of stock available. In 2018, nearly 10 million vinyl units were sold accounting for about 9.7 million album sales.

Store manager Chuck Spurlock said younger people feel nostalgic, so they are moving back toward vinyl records.

He explained that at his store, which is the largest of its kind in Texas, younger people come in and purchase large stacks of vinyl records.

Spurlock himself has a collection so large he classified it as “an embarrassing amount” and didn’t want to share the number. He has collected the music medium for five decades. He got his first record when he was 10 years old.

During the week, he said older locals buy CDs but with the weekend comes the college-aged people who load up on vinyl.

About a decade ago, Spurlock said vinyl didn’t sound the same as it did before. In that timeframe, it sounded like a CD was recorded onto vinyl and lacked an authentic sound. The sound has improved since then and vinyl is making a come back.

Recently, artists moved back to vinyl and brought the younger generation with it.

“Listening on vinyl is an experience,”  he said. “You feel the music in your body.”


Samantha Douty, @SamanthaDouty