To the Editor,

Remember the elusive Waldo, who hid amidst other caricatures? The goal was to find him. Is Waldo hiding in the D.C. swamp?

After 675 relentless days, the demanded Mueller investigation is handed to DOJ Barr and this 400-page report is summarized by both Rob Rosenstein and Barr to present to anxiously waiting for Congress.

With 40 FBI agents assigned, 19 lawyers, unlimited time and access to taxpayers funds, 25.2 million, the headline reads.."No evidence of Collusion!" Waldo kept his distance as 500 people interviewed, some as great personal expense and loss, 27 subpoenas, and thus, 23 Russians indited. Not one American was found to collude with Russia regarding the 2016 presidential elections.

Hats off to America and Potus! Barr, a former DOJ under Herbert Walker Bush, was selected by Trump, and Barr endured the rigorous interrogation by the bi-partisan congressional committee to be accepted as the new DOJ. Barr even mustered Democrat protection, with a recent effort to enact legislation to prevent Trump from removing Barr til Mueller completed this probe.

Barr was no faint Waldo, he openly and boldly addressed any questions from the committee. He promised transparency and considered America's security also.

The caricatures in the crowd demand to see all 400 pages of Mueller's report. Likewise, all 420 congress members agreed to the same for the American public to decide if their 25.2 million expense was worthy. So, if national security hinders 100% compliance, what will Adam Schiff, Clapper, Swallwell, Nadler, Schummer, Pelosi and Obama former CIA director, John Brennan and Bernie and Beto object to next? And to acknowledge Mueller himself, his long probe, but notably covered by a detailed oriented prosecutor, No stone would be left unturned.

The case for Obstruction by Trump is left open and Mueller should have made a conclusion. Some say it is the case for No obstruction, others feel he passed that query onto Barr, but this would cause anti Trumpers to only emphasize the negative possibility. Barr added, Mueller implied, no indication of complete exoneration. Don't you need to be convicted of a crime to exonerate? No crime detailed. Case closed. So will Waldo come out of hiding and demand a further investigation to question the original source for this questionable probe?

Remember way back it included the Steele Dosier paid for by the DNC and Hillary funds as well as FISA warrants, one signed by R. Rosenstein himself, to get a FISA judge to issue them, without revealing who paid for them and by the opposing party to the judges. Former FBI Comey publicly admitted he worked his influence to get an outside friend to leak to the media to initiate a special counsel probe to investigate Trump, and campaign aides to defame him, his administration, his supporters and cause an obstruction for the American people rather than work on fruitful causes for America.

Sounds like a crime to me, wouldn't you agree, Waldo? Along with other pronounced anti-Trumpers, like Ms. Page, McCabb, John Brennan and pd. Mr, Steele, they used their positions to obtain the Steele Dossier and Fisa reports to get judges to sign off on them without full disclosure of who pd. for them, a sneaky Waldo tactic.

The Mueller investigation is closed, but it could cause Waldo to be revealed in further probes as being sought by Senator Lindsey since 2017. Most people would rather see their taxpayer funds help others in America.

We want Waldo to jump out from to emerge from the long cooperative unobstructive mode that our Potus exemplified for over 2 yrs to address the repetitive lies of certain diehards who openly claimed to have seen the evidence of collusion and named Trump as a traitor and these lies were scattered all over maqjor biased cable news, along with their paneled hosts, guests and beyond.

Even Waldo don't like poison spread, and long overdue to open real legitimate investigations to confront the hidden Waldos among us. Should be a real crime and injustice to divide America and pursue presidential harassment under the guise of seeking the truth! Waldo, can you step up to the plate or will you continue to masquerade as a defender for some? You will be found and held accountable to America, for initiating crimes of treason to America. Your hid n' seek folly is over.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie