The applicant for a proposed 1,153-lot development has withdrawn its application from the City of Waxahachie, according to the planning and zoning department.

The 458.572-acre mixed-use development, planned to be called Lonesome Dove, was planned for west of Farm-to-Market 664 and north of Marshall Street, according to development sheets. A public hearing was initially scheduled for Tuesday after the applicant Arbors Development, LLC had equested a continuance from Feb. 26.

However, the applicant asked the staff to formally withdraw the case two weeks ago, leaving the future of the development in question.

“They do have the intention of coming back after they do a redesign,” planning and zoning technician Destiny Wright stated. “They will have to re-apply – start fresh.”

The development would have built 1,153 houses, a 15.546 school tract, several sites for retail and 17 common areas that would total to 53.522 acres of open space. The lot sizes ranged from 6,240 square feet to one acre, while the dwelling units began at 1,800 square feet.

Many residents were concerned about the small lot sizes for the proposed development, as well as the proposed school, which would further impact the land’s geography and traffic on the narrow roadway.

“When it rains really hard, three acres of my land goes underwater about four inches deep,” resident Jerry Johnson stated in a previous story. “They put all those houses up there with all of the concrete and asphalt up there, the water can’t soak up anymore, and it’s going to run right down here on me. What’s going to happen to me now? It’ll fill up in a heartbeat. My whole front yard out here will be underwater.”

A petition against the project’s development collected over 108 signatures, according to a previous Daily Light report. Wright explained that the planning and zoning commission has not received correspondence on what the applicants plan to change for the proposed development, but they will redesign and re-submit at a later time.

She stated that could take anywhere from a few days to several months.

“New public notices will be sent to all those within the 200-foot buffer, and new signs will be posted at the location,” she added. “It would be a brand new application – just as if it was something brand new coming in.”

Resident Wesley Tryon, who organized the petition against the development, remarked that the withdrawal is a “delay tactic” from the developers, adding that residents will be at the planning and zoning meeting Tuesday to speak on the former development during the public comments portion of the agenda.

The next city council meeting will take place Monday, April 1 at the City Hall chambers, located at 401 South Rogers Street.