Only one city was recognized for having the best tasting surface water in the state of Texas for 2019. That city was Waxahachie.

The City of Waxahachie was recently recognized with the “Best Tasting Surface Water in the State of Texas” award by the Texas Water Utilities Association during its 101st annual school and conference held March 3 in Corpus Christi. The TWUA is an organization that provides resources, training programs and educational materials to employees and representatives within the water utility industry, according to TWUA’s website.

According to a city news release, competitors for the award were made up of winners from nine TWUA Regional Best Tasting Water contests in 2018. Waxahachie won the Best Tasting Surface Water contest at the North Central Texas Regional School in May 2018, which allowed them to progress to the Statewide competition representing their region. A panel of judges declared Waxahachie the winner after a blind taste test of their surface water.

Waxahachie was awarded the honor near the conference’s conclusion on Tuesday, March 5.