A brother-sister duo has put their sibling issues aside to collaborate in creativity — and they're using their theater background to do it.

A total of 17 teams from Waxahachie ISD competed in the Destination ImagiNation competition for the Greater Fort Worth region on Feb. 23. The district advanced one group to the state — the Brave Narwals from Felty Elementary.

Nadia, fifth-grade, and Issac White, third-grade, have both competed in DI on separate teams in the past and this year is their first attempt in the "improv challenge" as a pair.

“We decided we wanted to do it together because we decided that we work really good together as a team and we understand each other” Nadia explained.

Issac admitted that he had not been getting along with his older sister recently but has come to enjoy the experience.

The Brave Narwals placed third and were able to advance on a wild card. It was not until after the competition at school the siblings received the good news that they will compete in the state competition that will be hosted in Corpus Christi on March 23.

“We were jumping up and down because we were so thrilled,” Nadia said with enthusiasm.

“We didn’t expect it,” Issac added.

For the improv challenge, the students were given six famous historical figures to build into a story. On the stage were pieces of paper that introduced a new setting, which flips the story. The storylines fluctuate between tragedy and comedy, and at some points, the students had to differentiate when to be silent and act or use their words.

The two were confident for the regional competition at Northwest ISD after they practiced in their living room. They are also involved with Waxahachie Community Theater and most recently performed as chimney sweeps in the Waxahachie High School production “Mary Poppins.”

“I like theater because I get to meet new people, and sometimes I make friends with them,” Issac said.

In preparation for the state competition, the students will focus their practice more on the "instant challenge." The DI competition is separated into two segments, the selected challenge they have been preparing for and the instant challenge, which is an on the spot competition with no preparation.

“On the instant challenge we need to prepare more for that and understand it better,” Nadia explained.

Through both challenges, teams used critical thinking skills, listening skills, teamwork, strategy, theatre skills to get the judges’ attention.

The team manager is the Howard Junior High principal, Karina White, who is also the mother of the Brave Narwhals. She witnesses her children work diligently to tackle challenges at Di and in advance. and

"I was so pleased with how they dug deep into their research on the six people they would have to integrate as characters into their skit," she elaborated. "On tournament day, they encouraged each other, helped each other, and truly worked together as a team. I am beyond proud of them, and I am thrilled to join them as they tackle the next level of competition."

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