To the Editor,

Nineteen months before 2020 election day. Lots of choices on one side; one, to date, on the other. Will it be an easy one?. Will illegals be awarded the right of American citizens to vote, as Dems just legislated?

One party openly promising free, free, free stuff, higher taxes, open borders, celebrating infanticide, after birth, the use of renewable energy and eliminating fossil fuel use( actually not 100% possible,) As Bernie Saunders recently proclaimed: "beat Trump and we will radically transform America." Other candidates are avid too about the above. Sounds great on the free stuff, til you do the math.

The choice for me is an easy one, thought I understand the threats are very real. Better to stand tall for more choices like healthcare, energy independence, knowing there is No such thing as a free lunch, pro life,and definitely free speech and expression of religion, without worry of repercussions hailed by Maxine Waters. Understanding our history, not try to eradicate it as evidenced by naxis and socialistic govts, past and present. To hold values of hard work, standing for our flag and anthem, and respecting the office of the presidency. Call me deplorable, and I do cling to gun rights and the Bible; say I'm jealous of the rich and self proclaimed intellectuals on both coasts, if you disagree with me, but that's where I received my higher ed. Call me racist, all the phobias you have, but it don't make it true. What I see, is disrespect, negativity, resistance obstruction. wasting millions of taxpayers money,and intentional chaos, rather than working for our citizens. its easy to chose from past 2 yrs. performances, despite pc nonsense and 94% negative mass media reporting. I hope most are not disillusioned by exaggerated promises starting now, like fairytales of the shiny red apple for sleeping beauty, or the candy coated cottage that deceived Hansel and Gretel into a trap.

The reality of a hard working leader who puts Americans first, over any party, is my type of performer anyday. Ask all those minority groups having the lowest unemployment status , ever. Easy choice, I say.

Gloria Harmon,Waxahachie