A family owned-beer distribution company in Ennis is expanding its plant for the first time in over 38 years.

Founded in 1981 by Maurice Price Jr., the Price Distributing Company is a distributor for several beer brands in the North Texas market. President Scott Price said the company is a wholesaler for the Miller Brewing Company, and whatever Miller puts out.

“My dad started this company back in 1981,” Scott expressed. “Since then, we’ve experienced exponential growth over the years. We’ve grown the business probably five times the size it was since 1981.”

In addition to Ellis County, Scott said the company distributes for nine other counties located in North Texas, including Collin, Hunt, Rains, Van Zandt, Kaufman, Johnson, Navarro, Freestone and Rockwall. Originally located at 1212 South Clay Street, Scott said the company was content serving these communities through their tightly knit 21,000-square-foot facility.

However, as the company grew to provide for more than 400 retail accounts, the need for a new facility arose.

“We liked where we were, but we ran out of room and had to expand,” Scott expressed. “It was difficult, but it was a good problem to have.”

The company recently moved into an upgraded 80,000-square-foot facility, only four miles away from their previous location. General manager Matt Walker said the company’s capabilities had significantly expanded since moving into the facility.

“It’s about four times the size of the old one,” Walker remarked. “We’re able to bring in other suppliers that we haven’t been able to.”

One of the expansions the company has made to the facility is the addition of a non-alcoholic division. In the past, Price Distributing has stuck with alcoholic products such as Miller, Shiner Bock, Heineken, Guinness, Corona and Cerveza Modelo.

But since moving into the new facility, Price Distributing has been able to expand to non-alcoholic brands as well, including Sparkling Ice, Gas Monkey Energy and Essentia water.

“We wanted to bring on new brands, but we couldn’t get creative with it,” Walker expressed. “We simply didn’t have the room to do it. Now we’re looking to get more waters, more flavored beverages and get into that kind of spectrum of the business. You’re already going to the stores to deliver - you might as well take more products.”

Walker estimated that the company had spent approximately $9 million for the expansion, including the purchase of the 12-acre plot of land from the city. Since the company has moved into the new facility in December of last year, they’ve expanded from 45 employees to 60 for the plant, with a potential 10 more positions to be created in the next six-12 months.

“We’re always looking to expand our footprint,” Walker stated. “We’re like the army, man. We’re always looking for a few good people.”

Scott said he’s hoping to serve even more counties and retailers as a result of this expansion. And, he’s glad that they were able to stay in the same city where his father founded the company.

“We’re very happy to stay here in Ennis,” Scott stated. “My father would be extremely proud to see how the company has grown.”

The new Price Distributing Company facility is located at 3700 S. Oak Grove Rd. To learn more about the company, call 972-875-2697 or email info@pricedistributing.com.