The executive board of the International City Managers Association voted to publicly censure Ferris City Manager Bill Jordan for violations of its code of ethics earlier last month.

The association voted on Jordan’s censure during their meeting on Feb. 9. The censure comes after the ICMA Committee on Professional Conduct reviewed 19 ethics complaints filed against ICMA members during the 2018-19 fiscal year.

According to an ICMA media release, the reviews resulted in over 10 public and private censures within the organization. One of those censures was Jordan.

The release notes Jordan was found to have violated Tenet 3 of the ICMA Code of Ethics, which states that members should conduct themselves to maintain public confidence in their position, the integrity of their local government, and their responsibility to uphold the public trust.

“Based on the information contained in the report from an investigation authorized by the City [of Ferris], the executive board found Mr. Jordan created an environment in which employees, both female and male, were offended by his language and conduct and that of subordinate employees,” the release states. “ICMA strongly disapproves of such conduct and the nature of the sanctions imposed.”

Public censure of one of the ICMA members results in a notification to the local governing bodies and entities involved. Jordan said in a statement that the censure comes from a report that was conducted nearly a year ago and provides no new information besides the ICMA’s opinion.

“The city has already looked into this issue and has moved forward,” Jordan stated. “Any opinion of the ICMA is separate from the city and has no bearing or impact on the city’s decisions and handling of the issue.”

The censure does not result in Jordan’s removal or suspension from the ICMA or the City of Ferris.