To the Editor,

As Americans, we must consider what kind of country we want to live in.

There are some serious issues before us today, not the least of which is late term abortion.

Some claim that limiting abortion is an assault on women’s rights. Actually, women have, according to our current laws, the ability to have an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy. They also have the right to abstain from sex if they do not want a baby and the right to use one of the many forms of birth control available to them. Women also have every right to place their full term baby with adoptive parents. In cases of incest and rape, where abortion is an option, it can be performed very early in the first trimester.

When our government leaders begin to talk about aborting a baby as late as its due date, a baby who can feel pain (as well as comfort and gentleness) and who can live on its own in this world, surely we have crossed a line. In our hearts, we assume that the vast majority of our fellow citizens (no matter their religion, heritage, race, or political beliefs) feel the same way and know that there is something terribly wrong here!

It is critical that good and kind and decent Americans stand up against the killing of innocent, helpless babies. That sort of evil may happen in other countries, but we shudder to think that it might become acceptable here.

If you agree, please share this with your friends and family, and include this in your prayers.


Covenant Sunday School Class, First United Methodist Church, Waxahachie