A 41-year-old Hispanic male was found bound and duct-taped off of Interstate 35-East over the weekend after he was believed to be taken from his Fort Worth home.

Authorities located the individual by the side of the highway late Sunday night. Waxahachie Police Lt. Marcus Brown said a motorist was driving southbound on the service road when he spotted the bound-up individual out of the corner of his eye.

“He observed what he believed was a hog in the ditch,” Brown stated. “But when he slowed to look at it, it turned out it was a Hispanic male.”

The motorist called 911, and Waxahachie Police responded to the scene. Upon establishing contact and finding out the man was still breathing, emergency personnel transported the individual to Baylor Scott & White Medical Center — Waxahachie for treatment.

“It was determined that he had been abducted from Fort Worth and dropped off here,” Brown explained.

Fort Worth Police established contact with the individual early Monday morning. The Fort Worth Police department took over the case and is currently leading an investigation into the man’s alleged kidnapping.