Mike Partain served the 2017-18 school year as the head of school at Learning Beyond Academy, an international school in Shanghai. He's returned stateside and accepted the position to operate Waxahachie Preparatory Academy as its new administrator.

“Being in communist China, we did not say we were a Christian school, but we absolutely had a purpose in communicating the love of Christ in an academic environment in ways that would not get the children and their families in trouble,” Partain explained.

The Rockwall resident is somewhat familiar with the Waxahachie area, as he has been part of the Advantage Academy school system and had a stint at Ovilla Christian School, which is actually where he met the interim administrator, Lynette Green.

Green committed a full school year as an interim administrator but has taught at WPA for six years and currently serves as the academic dean.

Partain now works part-time about four hours every morning as a consultant to Green while she continues to wear several hats. “He does door duty and is very hands-on in the classroom,” Green acknowledged of Partain's efforts during his first week on campus. “He wants to know all the families; he started that immediately.”

“The vision is really more about the students,” Partain emphasized. “So when I say I have a vision for WPA, it’s really based on one kid at a time, one family at a time, one class at a time, one grade at a time.”

Partain has already left his mark in education, too, as he played a significant role in the establishment of two private schools, Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall and Rockwall Christian Academy. Those two schools opened their doors in the1980-90s. He also helped open a public charter school through a ministry in East Dallas called Reconciliation Outreach.

“It had a very strong impact on neighborhoods that had problems with gangs and drugs,” he explained. “They had to do quite a bit to help clean up in the old east Dallas area that triangulates between Fair Park and downtown Dallas.”

“They are all still going on strong today,” he added.

Even though it has only been one week at WPA, Partain is eager to establish a relationship with the local community and meet the needs of the school as a whole.“

“I think this is a wonderful school and I did not ride in on a white horse to save it. It doesn’t need that," Partain said. "I think that there is a lot we can do to move the school forward to the next level to continue being a school carrying out its mission. [...] We will be looking at dual accreditation for more than one organization and will be looking at strengthening the school in every way spiritually, financially, academically.”

Scott Marks served as the previous administrator at WPA for the past nine years and decided to pursue another opportunity in education.

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